Embassy of The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopa
in the Republic of South Africa

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Ethiopia is working to bring citizens who fled to Kenya fearing for their safety back to their village, according to the Federal Police.

The Commissioner General Asefa Abyo said the government has engaged in various undertakings to repatriate its citizens.

Addis Ababa, March 9, 2018 (FBC) – Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, said his country will provide support for Africa to have a permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

Addis Ababa, March 1, 2018 (FBC) –Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Russia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will pay an official visit to Ethiopia as of next week, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia (MoFA)

Addis Ababa February 27/2018 Youth must work hard towards promoting national consensus by benchmarking the victory of Adwa to foster unity leading to comprehensive national success, Dr. Negri Lencho said.

DUBAI, March 1 (Xinhua) -- Ethiopia will hold 19 percent stake of the Somali port of Berbera, following its signing of an agreement Thursday with Dubai Ports (DP) World and the Somaliland Port Authority.

As the biggest shareholder of the port of Berbera, DP World announced that it would hold 51 percent stake of the project, the Somalis, 30 percent, and Ethiopia, the remaining 19 percent.