Embassy of The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopa
in the Republic of South Africa

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Ethiopia and the estern and southern africa trade and Development Bank or commonly Known as preferential Trade area Bank (PTA) are finalizing preparations for the opening of PTA's regional Office in addis Abeba. Foreign Minister Dr.tedros recevied the president and CEO of PTA Mr .admassu Tadesse in his office today(july 29) ,wherein the two sides underscored on the need to go ahead with the signing of the host Agreemnt process as part of final Preparations for the opening of PTA's Regional office in Addis . 




The 29th Ordinary Session of the Executive Council of the 27th Ordinary Summit of the African Union kicks off at the Kigali Convention Centre in Kigali, Rwanda.

The Prime Minister said, Ethiopia is on the rise and his country is ready to work with the African nation, because the two countries will be more effective if they work together.

According to the Israeli Prime Minister, Ethiopia has a place in the heart of Israel and vice versa.

"The two countries have enjoyed old relations, and a street in the center of Jerusalem is named after Ethiopia to honor the relation of the two countries", he added.