Embassy of The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopa
in the Republic of South Africa

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A state of emergency as the phrase indicates is an extraordinary declaration issued by the government to ensure a state of normalcy and stability in a situation of crisis. Such declaration may cover the entire nation or may be declared at zonal, provincial or state level depending upon the nature and scope of the emergency under consideration.


Countries may issue emergency declarations due to the urgent prevalence of manmade or natural disasters that dangerously affect the livelihood of peoples, a condition of civil unrest or war that jeopardizes both the normal livelihood of people and the sovereignty of the state.

A number of countries in the world and many states in the U.S are in a state of emergency in response to different situations. Terrorism, natural disasters and public unrest are among the situations that forced governments to declare state of emergency.

Pretoria, October 11, 2016 President Mulatu Teshome said the government will establish a 10-billion birr Mobile Youth Fund that benefits the youth and the economic development of the country.

In his speech to the opening of the Joint Session of the House of People’s Representatives and the House of Federation yesterday , President Mulatu said the initiative is a response to the economic questions raised by the youth; and it also addresses other areas of concern.

According to the president, the success of this work will depend on widening financial services, formulating new ideas and making youth participation in planning and implementation mandatory.

The administration of the fund will be based on a legal framework that ensures youth participation, he added.


A two-day regional experts meeting was held in Addis Ababa (6-7, September) with the aim of improving support services for persons with disabilities in Africa.

 The meeting which was attended by experts, policy makers, the board members of the African Disability Forum, human rights specialists from the African Union, the United Nations, academia, and civil society, deliberated on the steps and the course of action taken as well as the initiatives being arising from the grassroots level that map out the way forward for the inclusion and equal participation of persons with disabilities.

Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn while addressing the general debate of United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday (September 22) underlined that Social Media's negative impacts simply cannot be ignored. Premier noted, "Social media has certainly empowered populists and other extremists to exploit people's genuine concerns and spread their message of hate and bigotry without any inhibition." He added, "It is critical to underline one critical matter which is usually given short shrift, both by the media and others. It is simply hypocritical to deny that some of our countries have been targets for destabilization activities carried out with no accountability by people and groups who have been given shelters by states with whom we have absolutely no problems." Hailemariam stressed, it is under these challenging circumstances that countries are striving to implement the new UN transformational agenda, including the Sustainable Development Goals, and, obviously, he added, there are no easy solutions to these complex issues.


 The Prime Minister noted Ethiopia could not simply "wish away" the challenges it is facing. Indeed, they need collective and coordinated responses "and we are always ready willing to continue to contribute positively in close partnership with others in our region and beyond in tackling these challenges." Premier underscored as much as social media offers a digital platform to improve exchange of information and enhance popular participation, its attendant negative impacts simply cannot be ignored.

Ethiopian diaspora investing in Country of origion


Ethiopia from sweden and the US revealed today their plans to invest in their country of origion. 

They said the development endeavors in the Amhara national regional state have inspired them to contribute to the progress of the Country in their humble ways.