Embassy of The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopa
in the Republic of South Africa


Growing economy Abundant & competitive labour force, proximity &access to global markets


  • Fastest Growing Economy:


ü  Annual GDP growth rate of 11% for the past 12 years


  • Africa’s 2nd most populous country:


ü  Close to 100 million, & growing at 2.3 million annually


ü  Active labour force of more than 45 million


  • Geographic and market access advantages:


ü  Proximity to Middle East & Asia


ü  Duty-free market access to USA& EU through AGOA & EBA


ü  Preferential duty treatment to markets such as China ,India<Japan, Canada,& Australia


  • Competitive infrastructure& skills development:


ü  New electric- driven railway 4-12 hours from industrial parks to Djibouti port


ü  Africa’s aviation hub: Ethiopian Airlines serving 93 international destinations


ü  Current electricity rate is 3USD cents /kwh: one of the lowest in the world


ü  Trainable workforce with competitive wage


  • More than 50 Universities with ½ million student population and >1300 technical & vocational schools with annual intake of 1 million