Embassy of The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopa
in the Republic of South Africa

Basic requirements for Visas
  •  Application form obtainable from the Embassy, The Application must be completed and signed by the applicant himself /herself not by agentPassport must be valid a minimum of 6 months after intended visit and all Non South African Passport holders must have a minimum of Six month valid residence permit to stay in RSA. 
  •  One recent passport size photo of the traveler is required
  •  The Passport must have sufficient space at list two open pages
  •  Business Visa  - Approval is mandatory by the Ethiopian Immigration Office in Addis Ababa. Therefore, business companies or organization who have contact with Ethiopian business organizations can request business visa through their counter parts at the Ethiopian immigration, For those who do not have counter parts in Ethiopia the embassy will forward their visa request application to immigration office in Addis Ababa for approval. The embassy only issue business visa which is approved or permitted by immigration office in Addis Ababa and visa payment will be determine depending up on the approval.
  • Tourist visa – A copy of air ticket or Itinerary, proof of funds (Three month Bank Statements) and Conformation of Your Accommodation Booking, letter from the company /Employer/ should be submitted.
  • Traveling by land - proof of funds (Three month Bank Statements) the specifications of the vehicles to be used is needed, as well as original Copies of registration (Chassis No. etc) should be submitted.
  • Connecting with in 24hrs - A visa is not required, but must have confirmed onward booking.
  • Copies of Passport and for Non South African also copy of resident Permit
  • Validity: All types of Visa will be valid starting from the day of Issuance.
  • Those who the embassy accredited Officials or Diplomats traveling with Diplomatic, Official or Service Passport must bring an official letter from there Forging Affairs.
  • Officials or Diplomats of other countries traveling with Diplomatic, official or service Passport must bring official letter from appropriate Authorities or Embassies.

  • Payment: The method of Payment is strictly cash, deposited into the Embassy Bank Account at
  • Ned Bank, Hillcrest Branch
  • Account Number 2602173924